Senior Data Scientist at WorkFusion
New York City, NY, US
At WorkFusion, we’re building software products that are changing the world and transforming the workplace, for the better. Our technology automates data intensive repetitive work so people can be freed from the mundane to pursue the meaningful, while companies can grow further and customers can be served faster and better.
WorkFusion is widely recognized as the world leader in intelligent process automation with its Intelligent Automation Cloud which combines RPA, machine learning and work analytics in one unrivaled platform that is easy to deploy and unlimited to scale. We compete in the fastest growing segment in software and are growing at record pace with customers spanning the globe. Our headquarters are in New York City (on Wall Street) with operations all over the world.
Our teams are dedicated to building and marketing AI-powered software for all business types, ranging from high growth startups to large enterprises with particular focus on banking, insurance, healthcare, retail, consumer products, energy, high-tech and transportation. 
WorkFusion is looking for a skilled Senior Data Scientist to join our NYC team in building exciting new automation capability through design and implementation of cutting-edge AI. This position requires a data scientist with a deep understanding of Machine Learning techniques and hands-on experience applying them to solve business problems. 
At WorkFusion, we apply machine learning and statistical techniques to classify and extract relevant information from vast amounts of structured and unstructured documents. This role encompasses data acquisition, feature engineering, model development and experimentation. An objective, data-driven approach to experimentation, combined with the ability to fit research to business objectives are key to success. 
In addition to active teamwork within our talented data science team; this role requires collaboration with Data Analysts, Professional Services, Product and other business stakeholders. 
This role presents the unique opportunity to apply machine learning and achieving tangible business outcomes while learning and growing professionally with a cross-cultural and talented Data Science team. 
Key responsibilities 
●       Translating business requirements into ML model specifications 
●       Collect, clean and study data 
●       Design and conduct experiments 
●       Design feature extractors, post-processors and other ML transforms as necessary 
●       Design models and ML architectures, implement training, testing and collect metrics 
●       Infer results from metrics and create visualizations 
●       Present results to stakeholders 
●       Build or extend machine learning frameworks as necessary 
●       Troubleshoot customer problems related to WorkFusion’s AutoML framework 
●       Support professional services engagements by implementing custom solutions 
●       Research applicable Machine Learning techniques by reading latest academic papers, attending conferences and interacting with peers in the ML community 
●       Follow ML best practices 
●       Work with Engineering to help integrate latest research models into production environments 
●       Master’s degree in Computer Science, Math or Physics with 3 years of professional work experience involving Machine Learning OR
●       PhD in Machine Learning or related area with 1-year professional work experience 
●       Expertise in classical machine learning 
●       Regression, Classification, Clustering 
●       Decision Tree, Random Forest, SVM, Naïve Bayes 
●       Strong background in applied math, statistics & probability (Descriptive and Inferential Statistics, Bayesian Methods, Hypothesis Testing, Time Series, Statistical modeling)
●       Familiarity with Deep Learning approaches (CNN, RNN, GAN, NLP: NER, POS, BERT, Stanford CoreNLP, Spacy)
●       Fluency with Python, Numpy and Pandas
●       Experienced in applying Scikit-learn / TPOT 
●       Working knowledge of Tensorflow, Keras or PyTorch
●       Experience with AutoML frameworks like H2O Driverless ai are a plus
●       Java programming skills are a plus