Database Kernel Engineer at Splice Machine
United States of America
Splice Machine, an AI data platform startup company, is looking for a Database Kernel Engineer with experience working on the code generator, optimizer, executer, indexing, statistics, and transactions.  Work from anywhere in the US.
Splice Machine’s CEO, Monte Zweben, is a serial entrepreneur, 30 year veteran in AI, and former Founder/ CEO of Blue Martini, one of the most successful IPOs in early 2000 ($2.9B).  He started Splice Machine to disrupt the $30 billion traditional database market with the first open-source dual engine database and predictive platform to power Big Data, AI and Machine Learning applications.  
Splice Machine has recruited a team of legendary Big Data advisors including, Roger Bamford, “Father of Oracle RAC”, Michael Franklin, former Director of AMPLab at UC Berkeley, Ken Rudin, Head of Growth and Analytics for Google Search, Andy Pavlo, Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University and Ray Lane, former COO of Oracle, to collaborate with the Splice Machine team as we blaze new trails in Big Data.
Recently recognized in Forresters’ Translytical Wave Report, Splice Machine’s “secret sauce” is a powerful and scalable translytical database which ingests high volumes of data at velocity while simultaneously performing analytics and serving concurrent queries.  Our database is the foundation of Splice Machine’s predictive platform.
Some of our use-cases include:
·      At a leading credit card company, Splice Machine powers a customer service application that returns sub-20ms record lookups on 7 PB of data
·      At a Fortune 50 bank, Splice Machine is replacing a leading RDBMS and data warehouse with one platform in a customer profitability application
·      At an RFID tag company, Splice Machine is replacing a complex architecture for a retail IoT solution
·      At a leading financial service company, Splice Machine powers an enterprise data hub for 10,000 users
·      At a leading healthcare solution provider, Splice Machine powers a predictive application to learn models and use them to save lives in hospitals
As a Database Kernel Engineer, you’ll be focused on database internals including the code generator, optimizer, executer, indexing, statistics, and transactions.

About You

    •  You have expert knowledge of distributed computing, parallel programming, concurrency control, transaction processing, and databases.
    •  You optimize and refactor other people's code as well as your own using a variety of programming language, preferably Java.
    • You make pragmatic engineering decisions in a short amount of time while ensuring your work promotes product stability, reliability, and maintainability.
    • You build systems to manage and process large data sets distributed on multi-server, cloud-based systems from inception to execution.

About What You'll Work On

    • Design and develop key features for the RDBMS, ensuring your work is performant and scalable in a concurrent multi-node Hadoop execution environment
    • Focus specifically on key database internal technologies: plan generation, use and management of statistics, join order and strategy selection, index selection, etc.
    • Work with Splice Machine’s CTO to set strategic direction for the database kernel
    • Collaborate with other engineers through the product lifecycle, including architecture, product support issues, beta testing, bug fixes, etc.
    • Ensure your work promotes product stability, reliability, and maintainability
    • The opportunity to go outside your normal duties and work on our blog, attend hackathons and conferences, speak at events, contribute to StackOverflow and open ­source development and anything else you’re interested in that can add to our community.


    • B.S./M.S./Ph.D. in Computer Science or equivalent
    • 7+ years developing the internals of a commercially available or open source database, with deep knowledge of the mechanisms for query optimization
    • Strong knowledge of today’s competing databases and the technologies that differentiate them
    • Experience and/or strong familiarity with both analytical and transactional database architectures, ACID, etc.
    • Strong concurrent programming experience
Our team at Splice Machine enjoys access to the best tools available, an open and collaborative distributed work environment and a supportive culture inspiring them to do their very best. We offer great salaries, generous equity, employee health coverage, flexible time off, and an environment that gives you the flexibility to seize moments of inspiration among other perks. Splice Machine is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer building a diverse and inclusive workforce.