Language Consultant – Hungarian – United Kingdom at What3Words
Hungary / United Kingdom

We are looking for native speakers of Hungarian to help us localise our product.


We are currently working to launch a Hungarian version of our map, so that every 3m x 3m of the globe will have its own unique 3 word address in your language. The job comprises two main phases:

  1. making sure that the best, most common words are used, and
  2. making sure that no unsuitable words end up in the 3 word addresses.


No specific qualifications are required, although we are looking for people who are passionate about language (the sort of people who love their language and pride themselves on their spelling and vocabulary skills!) and are confident in discussing it in English.

Before expressing your interest in our project, please familiarise yourself with our website thoroughly and explore our map. We’d love to hear what you think of what3words as well as what your English 3 word address at home is (you can find this on our map at – the search bar accepts usual street addresses as well as 3 word addresses).


Work: freelance from home (computer and internet access needed)

Compensation and hours: typically around 5–10 hours/week but can be tailored to your particular circumstances

Duration: c. 4 months in total from commencement of project

The deadline for applying to the role is Sunday 14 October.