Health Research Fellow - Behavioral Science at Clover Health
Jersey City, NJ, US

Clover is a Medicare Advantage health insurance company focused on keeping our members happier and healthier by using data, science, and human-based interventions to drive better outcomes.

About the Behavioral Science Team: At its core, Clover is a behavior change engine. Whether with members, providers, or our own employees, we exist to intervene in the world that is in order to create the world as we want it to be. The success of that intervention process depends on both the systems we build to support it and the ability to drive interventions through those systems.

The Behavioral Science Team, lead by our Chief Behavioral Officer Matt Wallaert, is a combination of quantitive and qualitative researchers that work alongside program managers to take behavioral insights and turn them into pilots that can be scaled across Clover, while building the systems that make that process scalable. In short, we do practical, applied science. The team is designed to be as flat as possible, not just out of convenience but as an integral part of how we work, so the ability to work collaboratively is a strong requirement.

About being an Health Research Fellow: This opportunity is a paid, three month fellowship for a current or former Master's or PhD student. What kind of Master's/PhD? That's up to you - if you can do the work, we want you! But for the purposes of keyword-based search: public health, social determinants of health, behavioral economics, social psychology, statistics, biostatistics, medicine, etc.

As a Research Fellow, you will:

  • Collaborate across the company to develop potential insights, then work with other members of the BST to validate them.
  • Own the academic research function, add what is already known both in the scholarly canon and in generally accepted practice to the quantitate and qualitative insights of other researchers.
  • Participate in the design of interventions and own the process of informing them using relevant existing research.
  • Develop a systematized way of collecting and sharing research both internally and externally. You can present, communicate, and distill the insights you've gathered in everything from a PowerPoint to a blog post to a peer-reviewed journal article.
  • Communicate and advocate for your findings in a way that will inspire people to act on them.

You will love this job if:

  • You care about application. This isn't theory, this is practice; we're running interventions every day to directly improve the health of our members. We are where the rubber meets the road.
  • You love to share. At Clover, we believe in an open culture of research and don't think that anything we do should be “secret sauce”, so it is important that we are being as public as possible about what we're doing and what others can be doing.

You should get in touch if:

  • You can take a peer review publication from start to finish. You don't need to have done it on your own but you should feel confident that you could.
  • You can do your own stats. SPSS, SAS, Python, R, slide rule - you get to decide the process you use to meet the expected outcomes, but SQL will certainly be helpful for pulling data.
  • You have an interest in behavioral science or behavioral economics and are familiar with its methods, or are open to learning.

We are an E-Verify company.

About Clover: We are a Medicare Advantage health insurance company focused on keeping our members happier and healthier by using data, science, and human-based interventions to drive better outcomes. We believe that healthcare is not an unsolvable problem but that the current solutions are lacking. And we know that with a multidisciplinary team and the right tools, truly personalized care can be a practical reality.

We always put our members first and our success as a team is measured by the quality of life of the people we serve. Those who work at Clover are passionate, mission-driven, and committed to working together to solve the most complicated problem in the world: health.

Location, Compensation, Inclusion, and Culture: This position is based in our Jersey City office, with flexibility for some remote work, and will have the opportunity to collaborate across Clover's multidisciplinary teams. Occasional travel to San Francisco and San Antonio (Clover's other main offices) to work with colleagues and to our markets to work directly with members are a part of the role.

To combat biases, Clover has a One Role, One Comp philosophy, meaning that everyone who does similar work is paid identically. No performance bonuses, no ranges. This allows us to focus on a single path (promotion) for advancement and to reduce interpersonal competition for visibility, project selection, and other negative work behaviors.

We value diversity — in backgrounds and in experiences. Healthcare is a universal concern and we need people from all backgrounds and swaths of life to help build the future of healthcare. Clover's team is empathetic, caring, and supportive. We are deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of team and culture that we are building, seeking employees that are not only strong in their own aptitudes but care deeply about supporting each other's growth.