Software Engineer / Chennai / Global Analytics India Pvt Ltd at GAIN Credit
Chennai, IN

This position involves defining, designing and implementing software systems using a variety of technologies with a focus on scalable web-based services and top rate mobile user experiences. The role demands to partner with the Scrum Master and Technical Lead to ensure the technical quality of the product is elegant, practical, efficient and technically excellent.

Critical Business Activities

  • Refine the product definitions/user stories raised by Product Management Team and Stakeholders, by asking the right questions and helping them to elaborate it.
  • Create estimates for the user stories and its underlying tasks along with the entire development team
  • Design modules and components for the business requirements and document the same
  • Develop modules and components by programing and testing them by writing automated test suites in the Continuous Integration suite
  • Deploy the release by presenting the implemented items to product owners & stakeholders and triggering the release and ensure it builds into production
  • Ensure the product functionality and production systems are stable by closely monitoring the metrics and fixing any issues.

Competencies and Experience Required

Technical Skills and Experience

  • Bachelors/ Masters degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, or a related technical degree
  • Experience working in a complete life cycle of Object Oriented Software Product development, including product support activities
  • Experience working in an agile team environment
  • Knowledge of Data structures & Algorithms; and Software development knowledge in a Linux/Unix environment
  • Experience working in the technologies like Django/Python, MySQL, HTML5/CCS3/JavaScript is preferable
  • Working knowledge of common software development tools, such as IDEs, debuggers, version control systems, etc
  • Design and develop high-throughput, high-availability client/server systems is desirable
  • Systems integration of message-oriented or other distributed client/server systems is desirable 


Execution: Ability to identify critical paths by taking initiatives and to get the assigned tasks completed with good quality and speed.

Knowledge: Ability to self-learn and help the team/project by displaying intuitiveness.

Communication: Ability to communicate and explain the technical functionalities precisely to the mentors.

Teamwork: Should be able to actively interact and collaborate with the team there-by providing greater quality outputs and ensure the team continues to operate in a more self-organized fashion. 

Judgement: Be able to manage risk identification and risk mitigation strategies associated with the architecture and make sound decisions with limited and incomplete data.