Data Scientist (Sydney) at C3 IoT
Sydney, AU
In this capacity, you will participate in the definition of new analytics capabilities able to provide our customers with the information they need to make proper decisions to support our customers in operating IoT. In addition, you will help find the appropriate machine learning, AI, and specifically deep learning algorithms to answer these questions. Finally, you will be responsible for implementing this into the product and making it available to our customers.

Qualified candidates will have an in-depth knowledge of most common machine learning techniques and their application. You will also understand the limitations of these algorithms and how to tweak them or derive from them to achieve similar results at large-scale.

Required Skills & Experience:

MS or PhD in Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Statistics, or equivalent fields. Specialization in machine learning preferred.
Applied Machine Learning experience (regression analysis, time series, probabilistic models, supervised classification and unsupervised learning)
Strong mathematical background (linear algebra, calculus, probability and statistics)
Excellent programming skills in JavaScript and prototyping languages such as Python and R. Experience with Java and Scala is a plus.
Ability to drive a project and work both independently and in a team
A portfolio of projects (GitHub, papers, etc.) is a plus
Smart, motivated, can do attitude, and seeks to make a difference
Excellent verbal and written communication