Engineering Manager at Clover Health
San Francisco, CA, US
Clover is reinventing health insurance by working to keep people healthier.

We value diversity — in backgrounds and in experiences. Healthcare is a universal concern, and we need people from all backgrounds and swaths of life to help build the future of healthcare. Clover's engineering team is empathetic, caring, and supportive. We are deliberate and self-reflective about the kind of engineering team and culture that we are building, seeking engineers that are not only strong in their own aptitudes but care deeply about supporting each other's growth.

We're looking for experienced Engineering Managers to join our team. Our managers take on a role that is a mix of technical leadership, people management, and company building. The primary responsibility of Engineering Managers is to build strong teams of engineers. Our managers are expected to do this by empowering people on the team to take ownership of problems and supporting their team by moving them forward.

As an Engineering Manager you will:

Set the strategic direction for your team, clearly establishing goals and objectives that will move Clover forward.
Help to source, screen, hire, grow, and retain talent. Represent clover engineering and management in industry events
Use your deep functional expertise and well-established set of heuristics to evaluate work.
Work with leaders in other parts of the company to develop our technology approach to solving problems that improve the health of real people.

You would love this job if:

You are excited by big, complicated problems and try to solve them with well-engineered solutions. You have a natural intellectual curiosity that drives you to find out how things work and if they can work better.
You care about quality but also have a pragmatic approach to software that prioritizes delivering value continuously. You understand there is a time and place for optimizing for shipping throughput vs. optimizing for robustness that survives gnarly edge cases.
You value and practice collaboration and feedback. You can communicate a technical vision in clear terms — to your peers as well as outside of the engineering team. You are willing and able to help your teammates grow by demonstrating best practices, providing (and receiving) respectful and constructive feedback, and sharing your unique insights with everyone.
You enjoy working in a fluid environment, defining and owning priorities that adapt to our larger goals. You can bring clarity to ambiguity while remaining open-minded to new information that might change your mind.
You are passionate about growing people and organizations. Helping to set your team and peers up for success is important to you and you love coming up with ways to best utilize resources and time.

You should get in touch if:

You are a software engineer by trade as well an experienced engineering manager and leader with hands-on experience.
You have lead development projects and have also created the space and opportunity for other people to become leaders.
You are comfortable weighing conflicting constraints, making decisions quickly, and moving rapidly to meet the demands of a fast-growing company.
You have experience with functional or imperative programming languages -- e.g., Python, Ruby, Go, C, or Java.
You are able to work in different technical systems and concerns.

Pursuant to the San Francisco Fair Chance Ordinance, we will consider for employment qualified applicants with arrest and conviction records. We are an E-Verify company.

About Clover: We are reinventing health insurance by combining the power of data with human empathy to keep our members healthier. We believe the healthcare system is broken, so we've created custom software and analytics to empower our clinical staff to intervene and provide personalized care to the people who need it most.

We always put our members first, and our success as a team is measured by the quality of life of the people we serve. Those who work at Clover are passionate and mission-driven individuals with diverse areas of expertise, working together to solve the most complicated problem in the world: healthcare.