Backend Engineer at HealthTap
Palo Alto, CA, US / San Francisco, CA, US
Write code, save lives.
As a Backend Engineer, you have unique problem-solving capabilities and a deep passion for solving problems.
Scalability, a focus on the user, and optimal solutions - that's the stuff that has helped HealthTap save over 24,000 lives (and counting). We would love to have you join us on our journey!

Who You Are
You craft simple and elegant solutions to the gnarliest problems
You break through conventional thinking and dare to dream
You sometimes laugh at your own jokes
Your solutions are creative—and sometimes a little odd—but you always solve the puzzle in front of you
You iterate until they pull the keyboard out of your hands
You know there are many ways to solve a problem and carefully weigh each trade-off and execute decisively
You despise bobbleheads
On Sunday mornings you’re usually hung over from the previous night’s hackathon
You are not a prima donna and understand that it takes a village to unleash innovation
You swear that next year is the year you’ll make it to Comic-Con
You question assumptions
You are a math god
You believe in practicing your art
You’ve not yet been won over by the new Doctor
You are a student of lifetime learning
What you want from your next career move
To change the world, one line of code at a time. To be challenged and to learn. To make a real difference in people’s lives.
Why we need you
HealthTap is a company that saves lives. A company that is going to change the face of health care for good. We need superlative coders who can realize our vision on a cross-platform development framework (iPhone, iPad, Android, and all browsers) and who are passionate about big data, advanced ontologies, cutting-edge algorithms, reputation scores, localization, and personalization.
As a backend engineer at HealthTap, you’ll be part of a tight knit team, flourishing in an engineering- and product- centric culture.
Help shape and define the architecture of, and build the core infrastructure for, our products used by millions
Help solve huge problems working with big data, machine learning, NLP, advanced search, and the next generation of APIs to change and disrupt the health care and health information industries
Create elegant code that’s efficient, reusable, and easy to maintain (and that actually saves lives)
Translate user needs that really matter into product requirements and ultimate solutions that surprise, delight, and make a difference in people’s lives
Play an important role in helping HealthTap stay at the forefront of digital health, one of the hottest emerging industries
How you’re going to change global health care
Your code will make it possible for people to live longer, healthier, happier lives, and will bring concierge medicine and peace of mind to millions of people around the world.
What you’ve accomplished
BS / MS in Computer Science from a top school or program (or equivalent experience)
Highly exceptional coding skills in multiple programming languages
Extensive experience building awesome, user-friendly, web-based applications using frameworks like Ruby on Rails, Django and Spring
Proven ability to contribute and to “move the needle” in all aspects of a quality-centric, web and mobile-based application development environment (including database design, algorithms, front-end coding, and engineering operations)
Startup or similar experience (preferred) and the drive to live the dream (required)