Director or Senior Director of Product (Tools and Platforms) at RubyRibbon
Burlingame, CA, US
The Director of Product (Tools and Platforms) is a key member of the Ruby Ribbon Team whose contributions will help us drive the continued momentum and fast-growth of our mission-driven company.

This position manages the tools we use to attract and serve both our customers and our key constituents – the Independent Stylists who represent our product by running Ruby Ribbon businesses. These tools include our website and e-commerce shopping platform; the systems that provide the Independent Stylists (the company’s nationwide sales force) with the tools to manage teams, track training and compensation, and to place orders on behalf of customers; the web site; and external providers of web services, help desk, collaborative tools and other applications. This post has oversight of those systems and partners, and determines what features and improvements are necessary and how to secure those enhancements.

The position reports to a C-level member of the management team. The Head of Product supervises:

Assistant Manager of systems and e-commerce, who provides day-to-day troubleshooting.
Vendors that provide the stylist platform and compensation engines, front-end engineering for the website, and other key functions.
An external service providing corporate IT.
Position Description

The Director will work with internal business partners (marketing, product, creative) and our vendors and development team to effectively communicate and execute the strategy and vision.
The Director will drive the creation of best-in-class consumer-oriented digital platforms (including web site, social media presence and email.) This role will assess the value of features and benefits, and tools provided by outside vendors, and conduct ROI analysis that create consensus around priorities and timelines as well as understanding of effort and expense.
The Director will work designers (including UI) to create superlative brand representation.
They will manage vendors to achieve timelines and will partner with the CFO on the creation, negotiation, and management of contracts. They will have sufficient technical literacy to understand the platform and how external parties integrate with it, and to supervise all operations inclusive of the identification of both problems and opportunities.

Position Characteristics:

The Director will thrill to work with end users, looking to delight them with ever-improving technology approaches to problems, be team-oriented and able to alternate between strategy and solution identification, and hands-on problem-solving. They will be a confident communicator, a driver of results, and a builder of consensus.

You’ll know you are a great fit for this job if you:

Thrive in a fast-growth environment.
Have been a key influencer in the creation of a best-in-class consumer site and have a strong point of view on how to achieve, through UI, design, great brand presence, and good user experiences via social media and digital platforms. Can interact with user-experience experts and designers, even managing their work as needed.
Possess the technical ability to identify and diagnose problems, design integrations, analyze new tools and applications. Understands the structure of data and can innovate around the data model.
Have Proven Success in managing technical partners, inclusive of creating request for proposals, oversight of implementations, writing of tickets, statements of work, and negotiating work and prices.
Can identify and evaluate apps and tool sets.
Have worked for a company employing a sales force that’s distributed across the country (this could be franchisees, field-based sales, independent contractors), have helped provide sellers with solutions, and has insight into the sellers’ needs and ability to learn new applications and systems.
Have managed an ecommerce platform and/or participated in evaluation and selection of ecommerce platforms.
Have some experience in managing staff.
Have experience integrating with a management team to make a business case.
Can create project plans, and manage the execution of those plans.
At least 7 years of work experience with increasing seniority is required.
BA required.
Successful candidate will have these characteristics:

Proactive – anticipates where system problems might arise before they happen and take steps to mitigate. Creates agendas and pulls teams together to create action.
Can “think like the system” to identify multiple routes to a desired end state.
Responsible – when problems arise, once severity assessed, tireless in efforts to fix.
Good partner – provides clear expectations for vendors, gets agreement on priorities and processes in advance, documents clearly.
Caring manager – believes in servant leadership and thrills to help his/her team-members develop.
Communicative Team Member – Uses collaborative tools to ensure all parties have the information needed. Clarifies roles and drives agreement.
Curious and up to date: Is watching the evolution of tools and is able to bring new ideas and solutions to the table.
Thrills to create value. Happy with the trade-offs presented by a younger company: Upside, personal Contribution in an environment where processes aren’t always perfect and resources are sometimes “on the way.”