Clinical Operations Specialist at Clover Health
San Francisco, CA, US
The Clinical Operations team is a close-knit group of motivated, collaborative individuals sitting at the intersection of Clover's member care operations, data infrastructure, and software. As operational owners of incoming data on our members' health and medical care, Clinical Data Operations retrieves and processes clinical data, in addition to managing data submissions and reporting to the federal government. Come join us as we discover new opportunities to capture, clean, and share data in order to provide the best possible care to our members.

As a Specialist within Clinical Operations, you will play a critical role in ensuring that Clover maintains a high quality clinical data pipeline. You will work with many teams across Clover, collaborating together to improve processes and address operational issues. You'll be joining a fast-growing and fast-moving startup at the intersection of the healthcare and technology industries, where you'll have the opportunity to develop both your analytical and operational skills. The data that you acquire through EMRs and Labs will feed directly into our member initiatives, which means that meticulous work is highly important.
As a Clinical Operations Specialist, you will:

Learn about and monitor our lab and EMR integrations, and make sure that data is being accurately captured.
Identify areas that require process improvement, and develop ideas around how to make that happen.
Develop and utilize Excel and SQL skills in order to monitor systems and pinpoint issues.
Learn how to use data to analyze processes and drive operational decision-making.
Develop a deep understanding of medical chart data, and how data flows between members, providers, and Clover.
Become a clinical data expert, and use this knowledge to connect with other Clover teams and share your insights.

You will love this job if:

You want to make an impact. You thrive off of helping others, and want your work to make a difference in our members' lives.
You are a team player. You enjoy partnering with others, and want to work collaboratively to find new solutions.
You are detail-oriented. You pay attention to the small things, while understanding how they fit into the bigger picture.
You are motivated to learn. There is no shortage of technical, clinical, and operational skills to learn at Clover. You are excited to jump in and work hard to understand the complex intersection of healthcare and technology.
You are curious. You like to do research when you don't know an answer. You ask the hard questions and you don't sweep problems under the rug.
You are organized. You can prioritize your work, and weigh trade-offs on your own.
You are nimble, and comfortable working in a constantly evolving environment.

You should get in touch if:

You have 1-3 years of work experience.
You are excited about healthcare, and eager to understand how it can be impacted by technology.
You have basic Excel, Google Apps, and computer skills.
You enjoy putting your critical thinking skills to the test. - You like to quantify things.
You have a history of meticulous work, and strive for accuracy and efficiency.
You enjoy working in teams and helping others, while also having the ability to work autonomously.
You are a problem solver, and love to learn!