Delivery Manager at WorkFusion
New York City, NY, US
Who we are
We are the fastest growing company in the hottest sector in the business software world: robotic and machine learning automation.

What we do
Imagine the expanse of human talent within a mega-bank, a huge insurance company or a giant healthcare organization: 20,000 super smart people spend half of their days hunting for information, categorizing and extracting documents, PDFs and websites, and keying the bits that matter into a structured format like an Excel spreadsheet. It’s drudgery, and it saps their capacity for more creative, revenue-generating work. Born of a research project at MIT CSAIL, we’ve built a platform that unobtrusively watches their efforts, finds patterns in huge volumes of data, and uses robotics and machine learning to automate the routine work. The smartest companies in every major industry use WorkFusion to improve workforce engagement, drive operational agility, and improve customer service.


WorkFusion is seeking an IT professional with a strong interest in business processes and software implementation to join our Customer Success Team. The candidate would work on a variety of projects to ensure high quality delivery with each customer.

•Gather both business and technical requirements to understand a customer’s business processes and data workflows
•Architect and setup crowdsourcing and automation “micro-tasks” using our proprietary software platform
•Conduct quality assessments, trend analysis, and recommendations on data outputs
•Compose and edit task instructions to clearly educate anonymous crowds of workers
•Compose and edit technical documentation to educate customers on the use of the platform
•Manage groups of “crowd” workers across multiple crowdsourcing platforms, including recruitment, messaging, and grading of workers

•Experience with business and functional/technical requirements gathering
•Strong business process modeling background
•Proficiency with web scraping tools and related topics, including regular expressions
•Experience with HTML, JavaScript, XML, SQL, Java, and other web technologies preferred
•Effective technical writing skills, and exceptional problem solving skills
•Strong analytical, and critical thinking, and interpersonal skills
•Detail oriented, deadline-driven