Senior Technical Writer, Digital & Web (Front End) at Vlocity
San Francisco, CA, US
Vlocity products enable our customers to deliver rich, digital experiences to their employees, partners and customers across any channel - from the web, to mobile devices, to the contact center. Through the use of flexible web templates, Vlocity allows our customers and their digital agencies to adapt the user interface to their brand and their specific sales and service processes. This position will be responsibility for documenting your front-end user experience technologies - including our templates - to ensure that our services teams, partners and customers have the information they need to be successful.

You’ll embed within our product development team and become an expert in our product functionality. You’ll participate in our agile process - including daily stand-ups, sprint reviews and release meetings. You’ll learn every feature - from the time of its conception through its release and customer deployment. You’ll have input on product enhancements and new features, and interact with our highly experienced product and engineering leaders.

You’ll develop a comprehensive set of documentation materials to support our guided sales and service offerings, including support articles, ‘Getting Started’ guides and on-line help articles. You’ll collaborate with our design and video professionals to ensure the materials you develop look great, and then assemble them in our Support Portal for customer access.

You'll engage directly with Vlocity's services teams to understand the challenges that they're facing, giving you the feedback you need to enhance our documentation. You’ll be integral to the success of our 'early adopter' customers from around the world. You’ll use your product expertise to help solve real customer problems, and then incorporate what you’ve learned into our support site.

We’re looking for someone who loves the web and mobile apps, and is keen explore and understand new digital technologies. You’ll learn everything you can about our product and the platform it’s built on. You’ll open up our web templates, and explore how you can modify and extend them to create your own visual design.

You know that clear code examples are invaluable for people in the field - especially when they’re on the other side of the world and English isn’t their primary language. So you’ll include numerous JavaScript, HTML and CSS code examples through your documentation, and ensure they’re well commented. Why you might not be an experienced developer, so understand the code and can communicate clearly with our engineers.

You’re a gifted writer, and have a penchant for making complex topics easy and engaging. You might be writing a tech pub - but you'll make it a lot more fun and compelling. When the reader is done, they'll now how to use the feature - and be excited to get started.

You’re always scouring the web for new and creative ways to communicate product information. You know who's doing it right, and emulate them. You're aware of the best practices, but also want to create some of your own.

You’re pragmatic and innovative in choosing your mediums - using guides, support articles, on-line help and videos to accomplish the learning objective. You’re up to speed on screen capture and video tools - or are willing to learn.

You have a passion about making customers successful. You want to learn how customers use the product, and are always asking questions to fill in your knowledge. You dive into their use cases, test our products ability to meet their needs, and then offer your expert advice. You transform questions from our services team into knowledge articles, allowing users to self-serve the next time. You want to ensure that the next time they get stuck on a problem after business hours, your materials will be there to get them through.

Minimum Requirements:

At least 5 years of professional experience in product management, technical writing, technical support, web development or other related function.
Ability to read front end code, including JavaScript, HTML and CSS. Angular JS knowledge is a BONUS.
Prior experience in web development or front-end technologies is a BONUS..
Stellar academic background. Bachelor degree or equivalent experience required.
Outstanding writing and verbal communications skills.
Basic proficiency in a diagramming tool, such as Visio, OmniGraffle, Illustrator, PowerPoint or others.
Experience in small, agile teams.
Must enjoy the challenges and opportunities of a start-up environment.
Strong work ethic, initiative and drive.
US Work Permit Required.
Additional Information

Send us a cover letter that relates your experience to what we’ve told you about the role. Be sure to include a link to samples of your written work. We’d like to see examples of how you’ve communicated complex tasks - through writing, diagrams and/or video.

All your information will be kept confidential according to EEO guidelines.