Software Engineer, Back-end at BuildDirect
Vancouver, CA
As a member of our Technology team at BuildDirect, you work with a multi-disciplinary group of bright and motivated people. You and your team operate autonomously to solve real customer problems with smart and innovative solutions, end to end. You own your product architecture, implementation, deployment and operations. You are empowered and accountable for its full life cycle. You measure success and its impact with data collected from our platform. You will use modern software engineering approaches like micro services, cloud deployment and auto scaling, continuous and iterative software delivery, and data driven decision making.

We are equally obsessed with hiring great colleagues as with building great software.

Today we use the following four platforms: .NET, Node JS, Python and PHP, and we run everything on the Amazon AWS cloud. We are insanely data driven and measure the impact of everything we release, supported by an Analytics group that drives key insights. Our teams have the information they need at their fingertips to create the roadmap of their product and the tools to continuously release and get feedback from our customers.

Examples of what Software Engineers are creating here

An analytics dashboard which tells suppliers and manufacturers where the demand for their products is and how to optimize that demand

A new product search for home owners, built on top of GroupBy which has machine learning capabilities to optimize search results to the needs of the home owner

A shipping engine which can optimize shipping costs and routing based on location of the customer and our various warehouses, at a scale of millions of pounds every month

Design Center, a design tool which allows home owners to create room designs in seconds and to visualize products in 3D

A shopping cart for heavy goods which builds trust, ease of purchase and scale for millions of users every month

A unique review and ratings engine which captures user feedback and enables the community to drive buying decisions from it

Experience that is relevant to us

Full-stack engineers with experience in any of the following platforms: .NET, C/C++ or Node JS

Experience with Scrum, Kanban, Agile or Extreme Programming

Experience with cloud platforms like Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud

Exposure to web patterns like services, REST API’s, React or Angular JS, TDD or test automation

Always curious and always wanting to continuously learn and improve

What is BuildDirect’s mission?

BuildDirect is a technology company, building an open platform for the home improvement industry. Our platform enables home-owners and contractors to find the perfect home improvement product from a large online selection. Our mission is to transform the home improvement industry, empower home owners to create their dream home, enable suppliers and manufacturers to supply what home owners really want and the way they want it, and reimagining the home improvement industry.

BuildDirect by the numbers

Founded in 1999 in beautiful Vancouver. Today over 300 employees with more than 110 in the Technology groups in Vancouver, Waterloo and Bangalore. Every month 2.5 million home owners visit BuildDirect and we ship eight million pounds of products over a distance of about six million miles. Learn more at

BuildDirect benefits

Unlimited paid vacation

“Learn something new” benefit – use it to learn anything… Getting better every day means constantly learning.

You’ll learn more in one year at BD than anywhere else!

Stock options

Free weekly yoga class, fresh organic fruit, and onsite gym/lockers/bike storage

A fabulous office in downtown Vancouver with penthouse patios and mountain views

It’s not all work and no play! We have socials every Friday afternoon in our lounge so you can connect with your team mates and relax and wind down at the end of the week

Check us out at