Backend / Full-Stack Software Engineer at AirPR
San Francisco, CA, US
AirPR is currently seeking outstanding engineers to join our burgeoning team to help us find solutions to some of the most complex challenges facing the business world today. Here are just some of the technical challenges we are in the midst of solving:

Scalable web application development
Real-time streaming systems
Massively distributed infrastructure
Auto-scaling, self-healing resources
Distributed/Clustered databases
Data Visualization/ UX / HCI problems
Statistical analysis, correlation, and anomaly detection
Sentiment analysis on articles
Topic categorization
Article categorization
Machine learning
Spam and relevance detection
NLP problems

A little more about AirPR engineers:

When our engineers are given a technical problem, there will often not be a clear path to the solution. AirPR engineers are encouraged to go out, explore, and manifest a proposed answer based on their knowledge and research. We pair this autonomy with ample time working with the wider technical team.
AirPR’s servers process hundreds of thousands of requests per second, millions of jobs per day, and over 150 terabytes of data a month on hundreds of machines. Some systems have such strict latency requirements that even one disk access is too slow. At our core, AirPR processes and churns through vast amounts of data while tackling the fascinating technical challenges that come with this volume.
Engineers use Ruby as our main language, but AirPR engineers should be ready, willing, and able to pick up other languages to solve the technical problems at hand.
As an AirPR engineer, you will see the impact of your work on an industry that has seen little to no technological advancement. Your work directly affects and drives our client-facing platforms. Everything our engineers do has meaning.
At AirPR, engineers own and execute specific projects, but everyone has the opportunity to work with a small team to grow and develop skills.


Implement core features of multiple data-intensive production applications across different software stacks
Architect highly scalable, distributed systems efficiently using open source tools.
Explore and implement complex caching strategies for quick delivery of vast amounts of data
Work with technologies like Ruby on Rails, Python, Scala, Memcached, MySQL, MongoDB, etc.


BS or MS in Computer Science or related field and/or equivalent experience in the space
Exceptional software engineering talent
Experience with web applications, databases, distributed systems, and machine learning is a plus
Passion for learning and implementing new technologies and software engineering practices
Thrives in a fast-paced environment and effectively adapts to change.
Self-motivated team player with fresh ideas when it comes to product innovation
Creative, energetic and self-driven