Tech Lead / Software Engineering / Chennai / Global Analytics India Pvt Ltd at GAIN Credit
Chennai, IN

Position Summary

Tech leads who want to ratchet up the degree of challenge and excitement in their work – and incorporate some Wow! factor into their day – will find what they’re looking at Global Analytics.  We want Team Leads whose intelligence, reliability, judgment, skill, and leadership will turn them into tomorrow’s CTOs and VP’s of Engineering.

As an Tech Lead at GA, your mission will be to work in teams in defining, designing, and implementing software systems in a variety of technologies, with a focus on scalable web-based services and top rate mobile user experiences.  Working as a team, your main responsibility will be to define, design, build, test, and deploy production software systems in an elegant, practical, efficient, and otherwise technically excellent manner.  We currently use Django/python, MySQL, PostgreSQL, HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript, C++, Java, and objective C (for iOS).  However unlike many companies that focus on proficiency in one language or in a specific technology, we look for Team Leads who have solid programming skills experience (regardless of language or technology) and who are excellent at picking up new things quickly.

We believe all Tech Leads should be a solid contributor to the entire project lifecycle.  You will be expected to refine product definitions, create estimates, document designs, write code, and test following our established development processes.  Our perfect candidate is likely to be on the two year plan, which means that as a rising star, you should look forward to growing out of this role within the next two years. Kudos to you if you someday become the CTO or VP of Engineering somewhere else; we’d like to have you as one of our Software Engineers today.

Organization Grade 4
Position Title Tech Lead, Software Engineering
Department Software Engineering
Reporting Relationships Director – Engineering
Cross Functional Relationships GA Exec, Cross Functional Directors, HR Team, Compliance Team, Product Team, Marketing Team, Risk Analytics Team
Location Chennai

Critical Business Activities

  • Translating product requirements into detailed technical designs of object oriented software modules.
  • Documenting the use cases/user stories and functional requirements from project business requirements and as-is system behavior.
  • Coding of software modules with excellent code quality and full compliance with the design specifications
  • Supporting in estimating design and development tasks
  • Creating adequate designs for requirements and iteratively improve on them during sprints.
  • Ensuring adherence to the standard SDLC processes and definition by gate keeping all development states of work
  • Ensuring all Technology and Information Risk guidelines are followed
  • Evaluating the existing states and help to define the future state architecture and solutions. Leading the development of the same.
  • Reviewing designs, code and test cases to ensure adherence to standards.
  • Owing the continuous integration pipeline for the team by monitoring and improving performance of unit testing, integration testing, and other non-functional tests.
  • Supporting the team in debugging and providing appropriate solutions adhering to design and development standards.
  • Preparing and participating in project reviews and Sprint Demos
  • Doing whatever it takes to ensure the team and company meets its goals

Competencies and Experience

Technical Skills and Experience 

  1. 5+ years of full lifecycle object oriented software product development experience
  2. Experience working in a team environment
  3. Software development in a Linux or Unix (or similar) environment (Windows and Mac a plus)
  4. Working knowledge of common software development tools, such as IDE’s, debuggers, version control systems, etc.
  5. Experience working in a multi-branch source code environment
  6. Experience in mentoring and guiding a group of people and helping the team to plan and prioritize their activities.
  7. Design and development of high-throughput, high-availability client/server systems desirable
  8. Systems integration of message-oriented or other distributed client/server systems desirable
  9. Experience with Django or Flask is a plus
  10. Design and development of native iOS and Android apps a big plus

Competencies Required

  • Delivering Business Impact: The role requires the incumbent to possess deep knowledge on project management & software development processes, principles & best practices along with having a great knowledge on understanding the complete project requirements and its functionalities. The incumbent to possess excellent skills on prioritization, planning, and scoping decisions. to manage and mitigate risks around delivery of business value by setting clear expectations and protocols between the business and development teams. Ability to have excellent decision making and knowledge of understanding the impact of decisions at the project / business level
  • Superior Quality: The role requires to creates high quality estimates & plans and generate high quality presentations; Ability to deliver high quality output by ensuring elegant functionality designs; The incumbent required to drive the entire team to work efficiently, monitoring quality of the teams deliverables and identify need to bringing new processes, tools or skills to maintain set standard at engineering level
  • Collaboration: The role requires to ensure smooth teamwork across all the team members. Ability to influence technical & business teams for high quality delivery and lead a group in adopting a material process change or accomplishing a material goal for small project / team
  • Learning Agility: The role requires to assist team members in creating their learning maps & contribute to team learning; the incumbent to possess ability to recover from setbacks. This role requires to foster innovation in the team by creating ways to learn by experimentation and to provide variety of testing solutions for the same problem
  • Stakeholder Partnership: The role requires the incumbent to establish the strong and active network and build relationship on trust across organization. It requires to communicate complex information unambiguously to both technical and business teams. The incumbent required to create and drive action plans to address stakeholder feedback and coordinate efforts within and outside of the team for that and to possess tailoring communications styles to address different target audience.
  • Commitment & Ownership: The role requires to draw down scope for a system into a team wide project plan & prioritizes tasks across the team. Ability to track progress of plan for entire team with increased productivity. The role requires to replan as scope/resources changes and to work around all project related challenges for entire team.