Senior Database Administrator / DBA / Chennai / Global Analytics India Pvt Ltd at GAIN Credit
Chennai, IN

Position Summary

Senior Database administrator are in charge of storing, organizing, presenting, using and analyzing data and database management software. Whatever the information storage needs of a company are, a database administrator strives to meet them. This can include setting up new databases.

A Senior Database Administrator will be responsible for monitoring and managing database performance. You will proactively identify and analyze database issues. Additionally, he will regularly collaborate with DevOps, Development, and Production Support teams.

A Senior database administrator regularly performs routine tests and modifications to ensure that a database is performing and running correctly. If a problem occurs, a database administrator troubleshoots the programs and hardware. Based on the findings, repairs or changes can be made to fix the problem. A database administrator routinely discusses and coordinates security measures with other administrator in the company. This position entails successfully working with a cross-functional team including Engineering, IT, Devops & Analytics.

Organization Grade 3.2
Position Title Senior Database Administrator
Department DBA
Reporting Relationships Manager of DBA
Cross Functional Relationships IT, Engineering, Devops, Analytics
Location Chennai


Critical Business Activities

  • Availability: Ensure performance, security and availability of databases. Develop & support replication.
  • Optimization: Optimize database design of database systems, establish mechanism for DB backup/restore. Profile server resource usage, optimize and tweak as necessary.
  • Monitoring: Performs Day to day administration tasks including monitoring database replication alerts, manual DB fixes, monitoring ETL jobs.
  • Understand the business impact of database systems and show good judgement when making technical trade-offs between short-term technology and long-term business needs
  • Develop strategies to scale out MySQL deployment in multiple DCs
  • Play an integral part of our software engineering teams, assist in design and development of database systems
  • Leverage DevOps techniques and practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, Test Automation, Build Automation and Test-Driven Development to enable the rapid delivery of end user capabilities
  • Design and implement tools to automate database operation, self-service tools and monitoring
  • Setup and support MySQL master/master, master/slaves replication servers
  • Plan and execute tests of fault tolerant capabilities, including: backup/recovery, replication, cluster failover and disaster recovery
  • Problem analysis, solution determination, modification, and documentation
  • Measure and analyse MySQL performance and implement changes to improve performance
  • Perform database load testing and benchmarking
  • Provide technical assistant to sort out the issues related to the databases
  • Mentor developers with best practices recommendations concerning optimization of the queries and schema/index design

Competencies and Experience

Technical Experience

  • Must have 6+ years of MySQL and Linux experience in an intensive, high-traffic, web-based, multi-threading applications on multi-core architecture environment
  • Must have expert level knowledge in MySQL 5.6+, complete understanding of different engines and related utilities such as Percona Toolkit, mysqladmin etc
  • Must have experience with MySQL monitoring tools (i.e., Zabbix, DataDog, cacti etc.)
  • Experience with designing and implementing high-availability database features, utilizing various replication and disaster recovery methodologies
  • Must have experience of managing databases in AWS environment
  • Must have experience in backup/recovery/failover methods and best practices
  • Must have experience in scripting languages, such as Shell, Perl, Python, etc
  • Experience with Ansible, Puppet, or other automation workflow tools is a plus
  • Experience with Postgres & Mongo Administration is a big plus
  • Provide 24×7 support for production systems

Competencies Required

  • Solving problems: Take up learning opportunities, acquiring knowledge and skills, updating specialist knowledge, applying practical skills, learning by doing, applying common sense, continuously improving things, identifying key issues, making intuitive judgements.
  • Influencing people: successfully persuade others, shapining opinions, negotiating, can question assumptions, challenges established views, argues own perspective, gives presentations, explains things and is able to project social confidence.
  • Adapting approaches: show empathy, listen to people, understands hidden motivation, works particpatively, encourages team contributions, involves other in decisions, shows consideration, can tolerates others (their personalities, ways of working) and can trust people.
  • Delivering Results: Does the incumbent – making things happen, uses initiative, invests energy, identifies business opportunities, generates sales (selling of ideas/ approaches), outperforming competitors, achieves outstanding results, acts with determination and persist through difficulties.